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Products and Services - Summary

Chemical Formulations

Hydro~Flo are well known for our 'Flo' chemical formulations and as such our brand names are often imitated. Our core range of anti-scale, anti-corrosion, microbiological control, chemical cleaning and heat transfer products are known as Cool~Flo, Eco~Flo, Steam~Flo, Tower~Flo, Micro~Flo, System~Flo and Floc~Flo. This range has proven efficiacy gathered at many sites over the years.

Our 'Flo' formulations and their General Applications are :

  1. Eco~Flo, Cool~Flo, ALV and GEO - These products, such as our Eco~Flo LV, Cool~Flo ME, ALV and GEO are our main Heat Transfer Fluids (inhibited anti-freeze) usually used in multi-metal closed chilled systems.
  2. Steam~Flo - Our range of anti-scale and corrosion control agents for Steam raising plant (steam boilers) and closed lower pressure heating systems.
  3. Tower~Flo - Our products to control scale and corrosion in open evaporative cooling systems.
  4. Micro~Flo - These are broad spectrum and specific biocides and help to control micro-biological fouling in closed and open cooling systems.
  5. System~Flo - These are generally our adjunt products and can be used in chemical cleaning, solids dispersal and other miscellaneous applications. Our 'Liquidus' range of inhibited acid cleaners are included in this catagory.
  6. Floc~Flo - Our range of coagulants and floculants for effluent treatment.

Dosage and Control Equipment

iStock Test Image We often control water related problems through chemical additions and these regular doses can be made via dosage and control equipment. Some of our testing and control equipment is available at our on-line shop (see link above) but many equipment items are quite specific to an individual site and/or its related problems. We therefore recommend that you call us so that we can discuss you system individually and help you ascertain the most suitable methods to control your particular system. Service for dosage equipment can also be arranged by calling us.

Water Testing and Laboratory Services

iStock Test Image Clean water systems are efficient water systems. Operating costs can increase drastically when systems become blocked or fouled and system failure can often result.
If you have on-going problems with scale, corrosion or microbiological fouling we can help. Our comprehensive water testing and reporting facilities (including Legionella testing) will confirm any problems and will help us to recommend the appropriate solutions - regular testing is important as this will ensure adequate control is maintained at all times.



Chemical Formulations

Hydro~Flo supplies ISO 9001:2008 products.

Our formulations are manufactured to ISO Standards.

0845 643 43 78.

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