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a Summary of our activities

Hydro~Flo are an industrial water treatment company. Our experience is widespread and covers many different aspects of water and its treatment in industrial and commercial systems.

Hydro~Flo's traditional areas of work are in Chilled Water Systems, open evaporative eooling, closed Heating and steam but we have also covered desalination (RO, MSF, VC) and effluent treatment as well as chemical cleaning, water analysis, legionella control and the conditioning of borehole water supplies. We supply equipment for all the above systems.

We are well known in the industry for friendly professional advice and an ability to successfully overcome water related problems such as those associated to scale formation, corrosion, excessive solids, micro-biological fouling and legionella.

Hydro~Flo are the originators of the 'Flo' range of products and have supplied our reliable glycol based formulations Cool~Flo, Eco~Flo, ALV and GEO (sometimes known as heat transfer fluids) widely throughout the UK for many years. Glycols are just part of our extensive chemical range.

Other formulations include Micro~Flo, Steam~Flo, Tower~Flo, Thermo~Flo HT and System~Flo - all of which have been extensively supplied throughout the UK for over 15 years.

All the chemical formulations and associated equipment that Hydro~Flo supply are backed up by our technical support services. These can be provided on site or remotely through our own analytical services and laboratories.

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Eco~Flo LV, Cool~Flo ME plus the all new ALV and GEO formulations...

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Thermo~Flo HT

Thermo~Flo HT is our widely used and trusted closed loop formulation. Thermo~Flo is applied to closed heating (bio-mass) and cooling systems and is a very low dose product. Thermo~Flo exceeds the strngent ASTM D-1384 standard. We colour it pink so it is easy to identify. Thermo~Flo HT is an effective anti-corrosion agent for all common metals and has excellent ant-scale capabiliites too. This will help maintain efficient heat transfer. Please contact us for PD and further details.

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